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Family Law

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I would like family policy in the USA to reflect the realities of the many different kinds of families that exist within its borders and to be fair to the many parties involved. I think the state has an interest in promoting standards that create reasonable provisions for the common issues that arise in familial relationships regarding the transfer of property and other rights in the event of death or the creation or dissolution of unions, and thus I do not side with marriage privatization advocates.

Same-sex marriage

Given the existence of the romantic, sexual, and other bonds between many real homosexual couples and the distinct similarity of these to those shared by heterosexual couples, marriage should be fully and equally extended to same-sex couples. This includes adoption. Adoption agencies already have standards for adoptive parents, and these will effectively prevent inadequate same-sex couples from adopting children.

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Compare & Contrast: Sexual Liberation

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Sexual liberation was the movement to legalize all forms of consensual extramarital (particularly heterosexual) sex (i.e. premarital sex and open marriages), usage of contraceptives, all forms of consensual sexual practices (i.e. sodomy), and softening of the measures delivered to adulterous spouses. This movement was completed during the 1960s and 1970s, though attitudes persist till today. Sexual liberation is linked to abortion and women’s liberation, but those will be separate posts.

From the introduction:

The liberal worldview, as currently conceived in America, holds that humans, in their natural state, are equal in character, virtue, intelligence, beauty, aptitude, and worth, and that actualizing that equality constitutes the noblest political pursuit. Entwined in the worldview is the perspective that the natural is essentially good, and that actions to change the natural constitute corruption, and not improvement.

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