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Welcome to my blog! My pen name is Sebastian Zearing, and I think about a lot of things. This is a good post to read if you’re thinking about following my blog so please continue!

My tagline currently reads “how to be progressive without being a stupid liberal.” I feel that deserves an explanation. I also may change the tagline in the future, so I’ll try to write this post so that it won’t be obsolete if I do.

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Compare & Contrast: Genetically Modified Organisms

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Genetically modified organisms are any lifeforms (typically plants, animals, or bacteria) that have had their genome changed via a technical method, as opposed to selection. The goal in genetic alteration can be anything, but the controversy regarding GMOs typically concerns their usage as food. GMOs can be engineered to have higher yields, faster maturation, more nutritive content, better resistance to pests, etc.

From theĀ introduction:

The liberal worldview, as currently conceived in America, holds that humans, in their natural state, are equal in character, virtue, intelligence, beauty, aptitude, and worth, and that actualizing that equality constitutes the noblest political pursuit. Entwined in the worldview is the perspective that the natural is essentially good, and that actions to change the natural constitute corruption, and not improvement.

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