Sebastian Zearing

how to be progressive without being a stupid liberal


This blog is for my own thought vomit, which I tend to think is a much nicer shade of green than others’. Sebastian Zearing is a pseudonym, which is based on exceedingly long-diverged names in my family tree. I do not take myself [or anyone else] too seriously. I use a pseudonym for two main reasons: 1) I do not wish to be negatively affected by people in my real life because of my opinions and 2) I do not wish people in my real life to be negatively affected by my holding these opinions. I have several (mostly cyber) friends who are avid bloggers. As these are the most likely individuals to discover my identity, I’ll be straightforward and say that I will deny any connection to this pseudonym should they or anyone become curious and inquire. I have very high standards for my own integrity, so understand that I’m making an exigently explicit and exhaustively circumscribed exception for which I will have exactly zero compunction at maintaining until that day that I no longer wish to do so. That “exactly zero compunction” should give pause to anyone trying to connect Sebastian Zearing to my real life.

But for a bare minimum of demographic information: I am male, I live in the USA, my ancestry is primarily European, the first President I can remember was Clinton, and I’m working towards a graduate degree in a technical, biological field.

I also used to command The Rational Queer and Liberate and Conserve, but I migrated their posts to this blog under their respective categories.

Finally, “liberal” in the tagline refers to the idiosyncratic American definition, which I define here.

P.S. ß is a typographic ligature known as “eszett” in German, or “S-Z,” used for obvious reasons.

Licensing: All material on this blog may be reproduced unaltered in whole or in part without individualized consent or notification, but it must credit “Sebastian Zearing” and link back to

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