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Normativity and Prescriptivism

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In my exposure to the alttrp community (both on the subreddit and elswhere), I’ve felt that there is somewhat of an inclination towards using the red pill as a justification for determining the kinds of behaviors that gay or bisexual men should have. In other words, there is a sense that the red pill prescribes normative behaviors for gay and bisexual men.

I have absolutely no interest in determining or discussing what gay and bisexual men should do. If you want to claim that str8-acting behavior is superior or want to fem-shame, feel free to do so, but I will not waste time engaging with you. I fully appreciate anyone’s right to argue their point, but I think these discussions are frivolous, as I am much more interested in understanding homosexual SMP dynamics, how power dynamics compare and contrast with heterosexuals’, and other theoretical ideas.

To draw the obvious comparison with linguistics, I have no interest in determining what is “good grammar” and preaching it or enforcing it. To the contrary, I am interested in understanding how certain grammatical constructs come about and how they evolve and are influenced by the surrounding social milieu.

Furthermore, I feel strongly that the red pill is fundamentally a descriptivist construct and not a prescriptivist one. The fundamental claim is that men and women are not psychologically the same, especially when it comes to relationships. It is not the case that the red pill additionally claims that men and women shouldn’t be psychologically equal. The red pill is a perspective and a corpus of knowledge, not a rule book, even if individual swallowers can construct their own rules that use red pill knowledge to optimize some aspect of their life, such as sex or marriage.

That is the tone this blog will take.


Fig 1. Should this happen? I don’t care. Why does his happen and what does it mean? Now I care.


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